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We are a modern, constantly developing company, whose main aim is to fulfill our customer’s needs by complete and solid carrying out tasks. Our feature is an invariable high quality of services provided, and the main sign of our actions’ effectiveness is the customer’s satisfaction.

We create solutions serving the common good and economy development by providing effective support to companies and representing their business. Responsibility, transparency and effectiveness are great values for us. We passionately create new, original solutions for business.

New Solutions sp. z o. o. specializes in consulting and lobbying.

Our lobbying activity is transparent and in accordance with the act of 7th July 2005 on lobbying activity in the process of law-making (ustawa z dnia 7 lipca 2005 r. o działalności lobbingowej w procesie stanowienia prawa). Our company is registered in the register of professional lobbying subjects (rejestr podmiotów wykonujących zawodową działalność lobbingową) by the Ministry of the Interior and Administration under the number 160.

What makes us distinctive is the complex knowledge of the functioning of the state, especially state and local administration, perfect knowledge of the legislation process on its every stage and many years of experience in the area. Thus it is certainly worth making use of our services.

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